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Depression Treatment Now.Com is owned by Moeller Medical, LLC.  Located near downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, Moeller Medical is a company that is founded on bringing safe, quality healthcare products to the consumer.  If you would like to contact us, please use the information below:



Moeller Medical, LLC
979 Parkside Pl. Suite 7
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1579

Phone: 1-888-378-4685
International Callers: 513-297-4975
Fax: 1-866-278-2664

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We have a live support staff on hand to answer your questions about our products.  Please note we do not offer counseling services of any kind.  Click on the live chat link and chat with us if an operator is available.  If not, leave a message and we will contact you promptly in response.

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Important: Depression Treatment Now offers no counseling services of any kind.  Please use the form below only if you have questions relating to our products or for company information.  Note that your information provided is kept strictly confidential.



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